Friday, July 9, 2010

New Blog - Introductory Post: Crossing and Stepping Over Lines

As explained in the first post of my new blog, I have been crossing and stepping over lines in the past 8-12 months. Necessarily, a new blog has been created - for discussion on topics which veer away from folklore, urban legends, mythology, fairy tales and appropriate topics for THIS blog.

In the last year, I've found myself in discussions online on a myriad of topics and have had to take a much closer look at topics that most people deem to be "weird tales" and "strange fodder," however - in my examinations of these weird tales (on topics such as black eyed kids, shadow people, harlequins, ghosts, etc) I'm finding information that is not so weird after all...which ends up also directing me straight into the study of CONSPIRACIES...

There ARE many explanations for things that a general public says are "too weird to be true," and - in the least - I have felt it important to treat "accounts" of events as being true for those who experienced the events. The latter statement is something that seems hard for people or any individual to do unless a measure of humane empathy is employed, along with a great deal of patience...but I've been working on maintaining empathy and patience so that I can LISTEN to 'witnesses' of various paranormal/unexplained events and situations. I've been reading a LOT in the past 6 months - and when people notice the titles of WHAT I am reading, I'm invariably discriminated against - as some mere idiot or I'm trying to have a great deal of patience with a number of real life acquaintances, too...who seem to not recall that people like Charles Fort and John Keel (recently passed on, R.I.P. Mr. Keel) were not mere laymen in their fields!!!

So I've been listening, reading, engaging in discussion about things like black eyed kids, ghosts, shadow people, conspiracies, propaganda, etc. and let me tell you... as strange as these topics are or as strange as they seem or sound... these ARE topics that a general public might do well to get involved in for discussion. The "incidents" of UFO, ghost, BEK, shadow people, demons, and more are NOT decreasing...eventually, in my opinion, nearly ALL OF US will end up seeing SOMETHING paranormal and unexplained - usually quite frightening and disconcerting...and I've found that many people who DO SAY SOMETHING - do so in a whisper, briefly and then clam up, fearing societal backlash or ridicule about their mention of an unexplained happening or experience...

I'm not sure there are wholly scientific explanations for many things "out there," and I'm quite convinced that a number of things we believe are paranormal and unexplained have explanations in psychological terms but are going to continue to be ignored - when really - THERE ARE ANSWERS - even if many "sightings" originate within our own minds, in our neuroses (most of the civilized world isn't as "civilized" and well-mannered as we like to think...) and psyches. BOTTOM LINE: what is felt as a real experience BECOMES a real life experience for the person/people who live through an experience...whether that experience was influenced by glitches in the brain (pareidolia, for example), came from a true external source, or not.

Hence, the need to get THESE and related topics OFF the Urban Legends/Folklore/Fairy Tales blog and on to a space set aside for such discussions.

New blog: Mythbuster2009's Conspiracies and Weird Stuff
Drop by the new blog and add to any discussion you see over there, suggest a topic for research or discussion, let me/us know if you've had a paranormal/unexplained event experience or if you have a theory on conspiracies.