Related Stuff

If you're interested, here are some links to other blogs I keep/write on, pages of interest around the net, other peoples' blogs with related information:

Mythbuster2009's Conspiracies and Weird Stuff - a new blog to cross over into topics not so closely related to mythology, urban legends, folklore, fairy tales, etc.

All Things Blake4D a fellow author whose blogs and articles are quickly becoming a mainstay for me for everything from entertainment to arcane knowledge tidbits, philosophical theories and occult details.

Best of all Topics website. This site contains content from some people I discuss paranormal, urban legend, and "the unexplained" topics with at one of the best monitored forums online under the "Paranormal" topic heading. If you want access to the forum, please email and ask. I'll send you an invite. For my part, I want to know WHO I am sending to the forum site and by this, act as part of a "safety-conscious" member of the forum. (ie: reasonable language and tone requirements and reasonable validity of statements at the forum).