Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's not Sunday anymore

Hey happy TWD day! It's not Sunday anymore - it's The Walking Dead day!

I'm working on returning to blogging more and Sundays are a great day for me to post as I'm usually at home and don't plan much extracurricular activity on Sundays beyond chores.

As an added bonus, Sundays are also when The Walking Dead puts out a new show in the evening. Yay! As a true fan of all things TWD, I also spend time checking out some social media before the show, video clips - heck, sometimes even the last week's full episode just prior to watching the newest instalment.

For me, it's not Sunday, anymore - it's TWD day - and I think that, for you, as well, there should be NO MORE SUNDAYS (well not past mid-afternoon 'cos a lot of people go to church and THAT is still important)!

I hereby declare that the day of the week before Monday is now to be known as TWD DAY!

*raising a crossbow in the air*

There, now that THAT is settled, I'm happy and can continue...

K, so when I typed in a google search, "how many people watch the walking dead on sunday" the search completed in 0.39 seconds with "about 116, 000 results."

The top 5 sites returned were deadline dot com x 2, wetpaint dot com, screenrant (oh I am definitely going there!), and tvguide (might go there, too - but later).

I went to the first search result - HUGELY DISAPPOINTED because it's an OLD article from October 14, 2013, saying that the Season 4 debut show had a record-busting sixteen point one MILLION viewers.

NOW THIS CONCERNS ME! And here's why:

It means that 7, 284, 000, 000 people did NOT see The Walking Dead season 4 debut show... and there might be roughly around that number NOT WATCHING the show with me tonight! *gasp*

Okay what I did was a search on "how many people are there in the world" on big G search engine, then I went to a search result:

Then I rounded out numbers ('cos that world population clock keeps changing all the time), subtracted TWD viewer numbers from the world population...

Now I want to know - how many people might not have TVs? Poverty is a calamity in our world with people not able to watch TWD... everyone with a TV should invite everyone without such technology - over for Sunday late supper and TWD viewing!

Break bread together, learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse!

This post has been fun. It's time for me to go check TWD Twitter, FB and other social media to check out what's being said, posted, etc.

Watch TWD - Tonight!


P.S. Here's a TWD Fan vid of scenes taken out of context in order to be funny (some stuff is funny - some just strange, depends on your sense of humour):


Enjoy! :)


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