Monday, February 23, 2015

Babysitting Tale: Thump Thump Drag

A friend of a friend told me about this babysitter tale that happened somewhere in Florida a few years back.

Apparently, this 16 year old girl, Lucy (my friend couldn't remember her last name), went babysitting on a Friday night and something weird happened.

So Lucy was babysitting these two little boys while their parents were out, and the parents were expected to be out 'til quite late. This gave Lucy a number of hours of babysitting, from supper time 'til around midnight.

Lucy fed the boys supper and let them play after eating while she cleaned up the dishes. Lucy put the boys to bed upstairs, each in their own separate bedrooms. She went into one boy's room, read a story and tucked him in, and then to the other boy's room to do the same.

Then, once the boys were nicely tucked in and almost asleep, Lucy went back downstairs to watch TV and wait out the time 'til the boys' parents would arrive home.

While Lucy was watching television, a news report came on and a news lady gave a warning that a mental patient had just escaped from a facility and that local authorities were busy trying to find and apprehend the individual. Knowing the house was in a decent area of town, Lucy didn't feel too worried but did get up to double check the lock on the front door. It was all locked up but she was glad she double-checked, anyway. She flipped the channel on the tv to get rid of the news report and found a movie to watch 'til the parents could return home.

Upstairs, the younger brother woke up. He was sure he heard a noise...

Thump Thump Drag...

He waited a little while, still shrouded in sleepiness and did hear the odd noise again--


He became afraid, so he quickly padded across the hallway into his older brother's room. When the older brother awakened he told the younger one the noise was probably coming from Lucy watching a movie. He said his younger brother could sleep with him if he was scared, so together their heads hit the pillow and they started to fall asleep.

Soon, the boys heard a noise - Thump, Thump, Drag...

So they quietly got up and crossed the room to listen near the doorway. They heard the noise once more--

Thump - Thump - Drag

But then the noise stopped.

The boys hopped back into bed and lay quietly, just listening, and were unable to fall back asleep. They waited that way together until their parents got home.

When the parents returned, they were taken aback by an entirely macabre and gruesome sight!

In the living room, near the couch, blood was splattered everywhere, and a trail of blood led over to the stairway. The parents immediately called the police...

Lucy was found at the end of the trail of blood and almost to the top of the stairs. Her arms had been cut to stumps just above the elbows and it appeared she had been using these stumps to try and navigate the stairs. Multiple stab wounds marred her young body all over and the babysitter bled out, on the stairs, while trying to get upstairs to protect the boys in her care.

Nobody was ever able to figure out who did this to Lucy.

Nobody ever found the escaped mental patient, either.


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