If you're interested in finding out if something you've heard (that might sound bogus) is true or might, instead, be an urban legend, a fast-flowing meme or anything related to an urban legend story, check out the resources below:

(And from Snopes on downward, this list is basically in order of favourite resource, best at the top).

How To Do Research On An Urban Legend
by (shameless plug here) mythbuster (on Hub Pages)

Snopes .com One of my favourite resources. Likely the most common resource or the one most people already know about. Awesome site!

Scary For Kids This site is NOT just for kids!

Urban Legends section at About .com Excellent all-round site for finding urban legend stories.

Truth or Fiction .com A plain-Jane site with a LOT of content. Don't let the plain look of the site fool you. This is a great resource.

Museum of Hoaxes Many of the more outrageous urban legends can be found here. A lot of pics here, too!

Urban Legend section of Scambusters .org Mostly internet meme type stuff here, copy pasta legends, email hoax and such.

Paranormal section of About .com Invariably, "Urban Legend" will cross or meet up with "Paranormal" genre, so if you're hearing about (or seeing) ghosts, spirits, etc., check out About .com's Paranormal section!

The moderator of the Paranormal section at About .com is Mr. Stephen Wagner.

The moderator of the Urban Legends section at About .com is Mr. David Emery.

Go ahead and look these guys up! Browse these sections and, if you don't find what you're looking for or you have something (perhaps a spooky story or experience) you'd like to share, please DO contact Mr. Wagner and/or Mr. Emery.