Friday, June 26, 2009

Hub 9 in the Hub Challenge: The Bunnyman of Clifton

Here's a legend I just love! The Bunnyman of Clifton follows some of the same format as The Goatman of Maryland but it's a real mind-phok legend.

Mind-phokking because it seems that people, particularly adolescents REFUSE TO LEAVE THE BUNNYMAN ALONE!

The Bunnyman has been legend-over-legend-ed (I know, I know, makin' up my own words now, and my own phrases). What I mean is - a legend was placed over The Bunnyman of Clifton YEARS after the supposed Bunnyman story died (bad pun) off for a bit.

There are dead (k, so the pun stays) end in The Bunnyman Legend, just like in The Goatman Legend - and the stop-ups are the same...namely that NOBODY CAN TRACE the first person who saw either the Bunnyman or the Goatman. There are 'apparent' incidents but nobody has ever found the first person to tell the tale of "someone I know told me about the goatman/bunnyman."

Spoooooooooooooooky - and very cool. This lack of "original person who saw" detail means that we are definitely dealing with a cool URBAN LEGEND!! (not a historical detail, not a fairy tale, not something else - just plain, decent, urban legend)

With the Bunnyman, there are DATES...some supposed incidents from the past are told about in this legend, lending a feel of 'history' to the story...but when traced, THE EVENTS ARE VERIFIABLY NIL....... nada - didn't happen, not possible

...which makes The Bunnyman Legend EXTRA awesome because PEOPLE STILL TELL IT over and over again, time and time again, even when it is easy to find details surrounding this legend which tell that the most basic part of the story is not real !

People would rather be skeeeeered of a madman/bunnyman/ghost-of-the-bunnyman than simply STOP TELLING THIS LEGEND.

Also, sometime in the 1970's, the legend of the Bunnyman died down quite a bit but then some OTHER form of Bunnyman appeared - this time, nothing quite like the frightening madman-bunny-killer asylum-escapee from the original tale. This time, a man in a bunny outfit who was said to act out in a crazy way was in the Clifton area, scaring people........part of THIS NEW persona became legendary for a little while.

This secondary bunny-suited-individual seems to have played upon the old Bunnyman legend and frightened people during his time in Clifton - but this person was also feared because nobody could figure out WHY someone would act out, scare teens away from roadsides and throw an axe at cars in the Clifton area. No doubt, this person's behavior was very ODD and potentially dangerous, although nobody reported being directly assaulted by hand from this strange individual (perhaps there are those who didn't escape this weirdo and who didn't live to tell of an assault - makes ya wonder...) After a little while and a few incidents, the bunny-suited man disappeared, hmmmm.

I feel like I need to go have a carrot snack

You can read up on the Bunnyman:
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Catchya later!

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