Friday, March 5, 2010

March 2010 Hub Challenge

I started my personal Hubpages Hub Challenge already, on March 1st 2010. I intend on publishing at least 60 articles or Hubs at the Hub Pages website, from March 1-31.

To date, I've published 6 hubs, so I'm feelin' pretty good about the start and pace of the writing-on-demand style. Luckily, I set up a bit of a time and writing schedule for the month of March, and I'm right on schedule, with a plan to never get more than 2 published hubs behind schedule. Two (2) published article hubs per day should see me through the month of March with 60 hubs by end-Month.

The weekend is approaching, which gives me more time for writing, and time to 'catch up' since I am 2 articles behind schedule (but not behind in research and drafts!) with 6 hubs published. It's almost 2am Friday morning, so technically, I haven't had my full day yet, for publishing to a total of 10 hubs.

My hubs so far include a start on my "Final Girl" series, naming movie "final girl" personas Lila Crane from Psycho, Nancy Thompson from Nightmare on Elm Street, Sidney Prescott from Scream, and a FINAL GUY! Paxton, from the gore-slash-horror movie, "Hostel."

I've also begun my "Archetypes" series, and have 2 hubs published so far: "About Archetypes" and "Archetypes: Willing and Unwilling Hero."

Here's the full list so far:

Mythbuster Hub Challenges - (1) Final Girl: Lila - (2) Final Girl: Nancy - (3) Final Girl: Sid - (4) About Archetypes (General info) - (5) Archetypes: Willing and Unwilling Hero - (6) Final Guy: Paxton

Any suggestions for archetype personas or final girl characters will be considered. If you have a favourite final girl or archetype character you'd like me to research and write about, drop me a line!

I've planned a hub series on "Shadow People" as well, but that one is scheduled to be published a litter later in the month.

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