Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blake4D Interviews Montague The Vampire

If you want to read something that'll knock your socks off, go read about my friend, Blake4d and his interview with Montague The Vampire...

Fictional account?

I don't know... you'll have to learn for yourself - what you think this interview is about. Certainly, Montague is an interesting fellow.

Dark Art - An Interview With A Modern American Vampire On Being Human, Immortal, And The Practice of The Dark Arts by Blake4D a,k,a. Blake Hall IV

What do I know about Blake4d?

He's INTENSE and PASSIONATE... and very clever. If this little piece of written work is via Blake's passion and creativity, so be it... in my experience, many of the things Blake says/writes are not to be taken in 2-dimensional literal sense but offer TRUTHS of an abstract kind that many of us should pay attention to for their multidimensional qualities and inferences.

In the interview, the subject - Montague - claims to be a vampire, and also - to be a practitioner in the dark arts, among other things...

Take note (for those who would foolishly trade THIS life for that of one in vampire flesh and being) that Montague states, in no uncertain terms, that our society and media influences upon society have turned the idea of "the Vampire" into beings of no more depth than of clowns or criminals.

What do I THINK of the interview/article?

I think that the article contains a number of important messages that people should hear - about the media, religions, society, about our inner selves and truths within us... however, I do not know where Blake found this Montague...

Let me know what you think of Montague...


  1. I think this is wonderful Mythbuster, I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you. Blake4d

  2. You're welcome Blake! Keep on writing! *hugs*

  3. Wow! How does one respond to a interview like that? I am wondering if blake4d was not just having a conversation with himself when he intrviewed "Montague."

    The reason why I wonder this is that I once worked in mental ward were I was exsposed to all types of personalities. I am myself will be interviewing a "so called" werewolf after I finish my next and 3rd instalment to We who Hunts Werewolves at hubpages. Overall I am blowen away and my mind is open to what might be reall. by the blog site! The Highvoltagewriter

  4. Williambenner9, thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

    Your guess is as good as mine about whether or not Blake's interview is an interview with Montague - a separate entity - or a sort of discussion with Blake's own, enigmatic self!

    I don't really ponder too much over the question you've posed but I'm glad you pointed this out. I am still quite impressed with the content of the article/interview as I am interested in the "humane/humanity" of Montague...

    Whether it is Blake/Montague or Blake and Montague doesn't take away from the wisdom and some of the warnings in the messages from the article.

    BTW - Great storytelling here:


  5. Welp.. The site is no longer in operation :-L must of been a good story