Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nobody Cares About Laurie Strode?

I'm concerned about Laurie Strode. Laurie Strode is a character from the Hallowe'en movie series. She's Michael Myers' little sister.

The reason I'm worried about her is that I did a hub about her a while back, along with hubs on her brother, the psychotic killer and also on his doctor, Dr. Samuel J. Loomis. For some reason, as important as her character is - not just in the storyline and in the Hallowe'en series but in "horror movie-dom" itself, Laurie Strode is not receiving the views she deserves. Even Dr. Loomis gets more views.

The hub: Laurie Strode

Halloween Movie Trailer:

Now I know, I know - I went offline for a while and haven't exactly posted regularly since the summertime - but maybe you can leave some comments either on blogger or on the hub and suggest a few ways I might improve upon Laurie's hub.

After all - she's one of horror-dom's BEST and strongest "FINAL GIRL" characters!

E V E R !!!

Laurie Strode/Michael Myers (siblings) Tribute Video below:

  • Would information about the importance of the 'final girl' role be useful on the hub?
  • Perhaps more information about the actress (Jamie Lee Curtis) who played Laurie Strode?
  • More details on her step-by-step actions in the original Hallowe'en and in the Final Hallowe'en?

I'll think on this a while and wait a week or so for some response before I set to work fixing Laurie up a little better.

Have a look, tell me what you think: Laurie Strode

In the meantime...BEK (Black Eyed Kids) stories are pouring in from r/l friends who've found out I'm not roasting chestnuts this holiday season (I'm 'hubbing' and researching on BEKs and more Urban Legends), so I'll have plenty to work on besides the Laurie Final Girl Strode hub!

So much for Santa and elves this Christmas Eve...I'm knee deep in black eyed kids.

Don't stop by, don't come a-caroling 'cos I won't open the door! I'm too scared, wrapped up in this research...merry ho ho ho

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