Monday, January 4, 2010

Which is Scarier - Clowns or Kids?

I've seen Children of the Corn (1st movie) again recently - freaky! And did you realize there were 7 - S E V E N - movies in that series? Oh yes, there sure were.

This is because kids are TERRIFYING.

In some other "kids-turn-bad" movies, evil children start out all nice and smiley, girls sashaying around in pretty dresses and boys nodding politely, saying "Yessir" and "Yes ma'am!" And then something happens to them - or they grow out of politeness and into something else. I'm not sure what it is, but in the movies, they shed off the niceties. Soon, the smiles turn to strange time-sucking stares. Stares turn to sneers - sneers turn to snarls...

What's up with that, anyway?

"Hold my hand..."
(Um, maybe later kid)
"Walk with me..."
(Well, uhhh - I've got some work to do, little girl)
"Why can't you come play with me?"
(Well, little boy, I can't - because you're not cute anymore now that you're evil and your blue eyes are now glowing green!)

And have you seen Children of the Damned? What are those creatures - whoops, I mean what ARE those kids supposed to be, anyway. Maybe I haven't seen the movie 19 times yet to understand what's fully going on - but are those kids ALIENS or something? Genetically altered, or what?

C R E E P Y !!!

Almost as creepy as Pennywise in "IT."

Now, admittedly, I do have a touch of Coulrophobia (fear of clowns), but now I'm wondering if there's a phobia, too, about fear of evil movie-children...

What would that be called? Kideraphobia? Childraphobia?

Oh wait - it's simpler than that - I just looked it up on Wikipedia. Fear of children is called "pediophobia."

I like my names for it better. Maybe fear of children can remain with the label pediophobia - and fear of evil movie-children can be called Childraphobia. Fear of bratty, shape-shifting kids with glowing eyes and such in movies can be called Kideraphobia, okay?

So - still - which entities are worse? Clowns or evil movie-children, huh?

On one hand, we have Children of the Corn, Children of the Damned, and new age "threats" like Black Eyed Kids ...

(See my BEK Lens) right-click or you'll go off the page.

On the other hand, we also have Pennywise the clown from the movie "IT." Not to mention that real life serial killer, John Wayne Gacy actually was a registered clown - as a secondary job.

So which do you think is scarier, anyway - kids or clowns?


  1. I think clowns are scarier, but its really great when you match them up against creepy movie children or real life children saying creepy things.

  2. i think clowns are more scarier than kids