Friday, January 22, 2010

If you want to chat, I'm on Digsby

Hey all,

If you want to chat, I'm on Digsby. You can use the chat widget along the sidebar and I'll pick up messages as I browse on by. Or download the client and we can chat through instant messenger from time to time.

Digsby was listed this past Summer (2009) as one of the top 5 Instant Messenger programs on the LifeHacker Blog

Here's a no-nonsense download link for easy installation:
digsby instant setup exe file - advertising free also found on the LifeHacker blog.

I used this file/installation link myself and my Digsby IM was up and running in about 3 minutes! Of course, while I downloaded, I registered an account properly at Digsby so that when the installation was finished, all I had to do was log into the software and start using the messenger.

Here's where you can register for a Digsby account if you don't already have one:

Digsby account registration page

Once you get set up, my username is mythbuster2009

If you don't want to chat through the messenger, you can still leave a message on the chat widget I placed on this blog - it's on the left sidebar. You can chat as a guest and I'll see your message when I browse by - even if I'm not online or logged in to my messenger.

By the way - the software is free

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