Thursday, January 28, 2010

Parts 3 and 4 Radio Talk Show Topic: Black Eyed Kids

Parts 1 and 2 are in the post right below here! If you have trouble scrolling, try the link below:

Access Parts 1 and 2 of Radio Show, Topic "Black Eyed Kids"

In this continuation of the radio show, people are discussing Black Eyed Kids for a time - with the possibility in mind that the encounters might be a combined phenomenon. They could be extraterrestrial-related with Shadow people or ghosts...but really, most of the ideas are guesses. Much more talk on Shadow People and extraterrestrials is on this segment.

Regardless, listening to the rest of the show is still worth the time. A lot of interesting possibilities exist here.

Right at the beginning of the fourth segment, a question is asked about a "harlequin." Several accounts are given about encounters with these harlequin entities. In one of the narratives, a kid asks the harlequin who it is and the harlequin responds, "The Tooth Fairy."

Also, regarding a harlequin: the account of a guy who thinks his entire family experienced a harlequin when he was younger: right after thinking they heard something upstairs that they couldn't explain, the family all lost some track of time at the dinner table while the 'dad' laughed maniacally - then everyone woke up from being strangely passed out at the table - and proceeded to try and act as if nothing happened.

Very strange stuff - and more than talk on Black Eyed Kids in the fourth part below:

So again - let me know what you think after you listen to the on-going discussion with Jason Offutt.

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