Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update: Back After a Long Break

It is quite likely that some people thought the Goatman, The Bunnyman, a couple of Black Eyed Kids or even a Werewolf got me in 2011 because I didn't post to this blog all year. My last post was about Santa in 2010.

I know many are shaking their heads. I am, too!

I just didn't do much writing at all in 2011 past February or so. In part, this is because I was involved in a new research project from around March 2011 'til end-year. The project was with marginalized and homeless people, so I felt very committed to the project and let my writing, articles and blogs fall by the wayside.

Although that work has led me to another, separate research project (and some related opportunities), I'm only taking on what I can handle this year so that I can get back to online stuff. Yikes - my online income from content is almost NIL, however, my earnings from PTR/PTC programs are UP. As for the latter, it's just a matter of logging in, viewing ads, logging off, without having to interact much or create content, so I'm sure this is why I managed to continue to create an income through these sources.

The big Panda change was something I know little about as I was mostly out of commission for content creation all of last year. Many online buddies have let me know that the Panda stuff is also a reason why many online incomes from writing have lowered - and my online writing friends have seen a decrease in earnings during certain times in 2011, too, even though they were present and active, creating hoardes of content all year long.

Anyhow - excuses (good ones, if you ask me) aside... rather - explanations aside, I changed the looks of the blog and will be posting regularly from now on, even if just to do a quick review of a friend's article and even if my posts aren't about researching scary urban legends (my reviews will still be on similar content, so will fit with the theme). For some topics, it takes quite a lot of time to do research, so I will have to be careful about my schedule/time online in order to post regularly as well as keep with my off-line commitments.

I don't know how I managed to pick up a few more followers in 2011 when I wasn't even posting but I'm not going to complain about this!

I must say I'm very grateful to the folks over at the Best of all Topics site for keeping my link on their sidebar tho' I was very inactive on this blog. I will definitely pull my socks up and post regularly. Hopefully, I'll manage to project a topic/article that will be worthy of mention over at the site mentioned above but for now, I'll end this explanation post so that I can get on to the good stuff: tracking down urban legend info!

Thanks for your patience, all!


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