Friday, August 31, 2012

Ivan Sanderson's Research - Undervalued, Often Omitted

Something I've learned in a decade or so of delving into Fortean matters is that many Forteans are shunned by mainstream science. In fact, their theories are often pushed right under the rug.

Mainstream science has pretty much validated, in the past few decades, that strange things happen in the Bermuda Triangle - missing aircraft, boats and submarines or the pilots and steersmen of these vessels returning with time lag discrepancies and extraordinary tales of strange experiences. While yet unexplained (sort of - there are "theories" around...), most people - many scientists included - cannot fail to account for the fact that there are so many unexplained events in the Bermuda Triangle region of our globe.

Enter - the theories of Ivan T. Sanderson - which have been floating around but batted away by popular and mainstream science. Sanderson's theories have been around for decades and decades. Sanderson died in 1973, so we can safely assume we're almost FORTY YEARS BEHIND in following up on things he said, studied, wrote, etc.

Now, Sanderson wasn't just some guy who got into unexplained topics and learned "in the field" about things (some Forteans and paranormal researchers ARE filled with knowledge based on just self-study and experience in the field). He held a BA and two MA's from Cambridge University - in the fields of Zoology (BA), Geology and Botany (MA's). This was a guy with feet planted firmly into Science - yet his name isn't very well known unless a person happens to be delving into less popular topics and things the institution of Science calls "pseudo-science."

Very late in his work and life, not long before he passed away, Sanderson put out some of what many Forteans consider absolutely important and pivotal articles (in 1972) based on his research of "vortices" (plural of vortex-es). Sanderson had spent a great deal of time and effort to go into Naval records and Aircraft accident/disappearance records and plotted the events on a map. Almost everything he could get his hands on regarding ship, submarine and plane disasters, disappearances, strange sightings in the air or over water occurred in twelve regions across the globe.

If the map with Sanderson's plotted points is stretched out end to end, the regions (vortices) are in perfect geographical alignment. TWO of the vortices are smack dab at what is called the Devil's Triangle and an even better known area, The Bermuda Triangle. Also, without manipulating any maps of the globe, spreading them out or anything, the vortex points plotted around the globe make a perfect geometrical shape called a icosehedron. This is a 20 sided polyhedron. Gamers would know this as a 20-sided dice shape and may have used such a piece for Dungeons and Dragons and similar games.

The point here is... there isn't altogether as much "mystery" to the Bermuda Triangle as we might think - or at least we no longer have to question steps or stage 1 of "I wonder if something weird is going on in this whole area." (YES already!). Sanderson has mapped out some very important information so these regions of the globe can be studied in greater detail.

There are strange properties in all these vortices (I wonder if they're all, in part, gigantic "fear cage" regions where the magnetic and topographic effects of the region cause the human brain to work differently - as well as magnetic and electronic based equipment on ships and aircraft - just my thoughts). Sanderson's starting point for plotting events on the map was "strange events, accidents, crashes." Basically he started with mapping "weird shyt." However, many scientists are STILL RUNNING AROUND, asking, "is something weird going on?" and still trying to count events and find the same areas geographically that Sanderson plotted almost a full forty years ago!

This research (Sanderson's) has been largely ignored and certainly hasn't been given out to the general public in a "matter of fact" way. THIS SHOULD BE COMMON KNOWLEDGE (and OH, How this, as common knowledge would cut down the crap in beginner's threads of paranormal, science, paranormal and unexplained forums - Hallee-loo-yah!). A lot of mystery and unknowns still surround the Bermuda Triangle but I am weary of hearing - on mainstream science shows on television and what-not, "I wonder if something in the Bermuda Triangle is like a portal or something."

A-hem... Hello!   :)

YES... at the Bermuda Triangle and 11 other known locations of the globe, there are vortices and STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN in those locations that we need to focus on and study. We no longer have to wonder if something strange is a-foot and need to stop trying to take a tally of things in the Bermuda Triangle, move to the next stage of discovery, research, observation and, unfortunately, spending some money to send willing researchers and scientists there.

Just my li'l Fortean rant for today.


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