Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do You Know Who Mary Worthington Was?

I've written a hub on the HubPages site about "Bloody Mary" but I'm still researching versions of this legend.

So far, a number of legends exist, naming a person called Mary Worthington as a witch, a disfigured teen, a young mother whose young infant was stolen and who committed suicide, a young mother whose infant died shortly after birth (Mary ended her life in this version, as well), an innocent young female who was wrongly charged and executed for being a witch...

...the versions of the person of Mary Worthington are many but I have not been able to track down a REAL PERSON of Mary Worthington from our near-past who fits any description that the legends offer.

If you do know of a Mary Worthington who can be proven to have really lived a real life in our recent past (anytime between fifteenth century and twentieth century), please contact me!

My Mary Worthington Hub at HubPages: Mary Worthington

As well - if you have heard of or have played the "Bloody Mary" game (sometimes reported to be a very scary game) connected with the persona of this elusive Mary Worthington, drop me a line! I may be able to feature your 'version' on my hub or blog!

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