Monday, May 11, 2009

Hub #1 in the Hub Challenge: Caller in the House

"Caller in the House" the name of my first hub submitted in Hubpages' Hub Challenge, which just started today.

You know the story, don't you? (aside from several movies that have been made with the same 'babysitter stalked' idea).

Here's the basic stuff of the story...

A teen is babysitting at a house and everything is going fine. The kids are well-behaved, nothing is out of the ordinary - until the babysitter puts the kids to bed.

After the kids are in bed, upstairs in their rooms, then--

THEN - bad stuff starts to happen.

The babysitter starts to receive a number of very strange phone calls

Read more about this urban legend on my newest hub:

Hub: Caller in the House

Of course, there are several versions of this urban legend. 3 version are featured on my hub.


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