Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hub 6 in the Hub Challange: Fairies and Little People

Fairies and Little People will be a hub I'll have to update quite a bit after the Hub Challenge is over in a few more days!

"Fairies" as a topic alone - is HUGE! According to some cultures, Fairies have an intricate and complex hierarchy, including 'elite' fairies and 'common' fairies. There are generational lists of alleged fairy blood ties and everything! Competing or nearby peoples of different cultures will often even go so far as to DISAGREE with another culture's rending of or record-keeping of fairy generational and lineage details!

If you study "Fairies" for a little while, you'll find that the study branches out to include a vast array of other 'little people,' from brownies and pixies, all the way to imps and demons.

I decided to put Fairies and Little People as Hub 6 in the Hubpages Hub Challenge, even though the topic is something that can go on forever, depending on how finely one researches into folklore, fey lore, and fairy folk.

As always, I ask that you please email me or comment on hubs I publish whenever you know of a related version of myth, lore, urban legend or story persona that I have forgotten, so that I can do some additional research, or listen to a story from you - and add information to my hubs!

And now I must go...I have several half-researched hubs almost ready for publishing in the contest - work, work, work...

Then again, how bad can this 'work' be? I'm reading fantastic stories about fey folk and little people!

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