Sunday, May 10, 2009

Entering the Hub Challenge

I've created this blog to record what happens for me in the Hubpages "Hub Challenge" which starts tomorrow (May 11 2209).

My ID on Hubpages is mythbuster and most of my hubs are about urban legends, folkore, legends, scary movies, and similar topics.

I've studied folklore, mythology, religion & theology, and folk and fairy tales at the university level for 4+ years... the real world, what does one DO with knowledge of how urban legends, fairy tales, religion, folklore and mythology work? What PRACTICAL purpose is in these topics? What kind of work does one do with folklore, mythology and fairytales?


Writing about these things beyond school assignments and telling/re-telling snippets of stories in story circles and at campouts garners me some decent marks on paper and some scares and screams around campfires...

However, taking these topics to HUBPAGES is starting to earn me more money than any real life application I've managed so far!

It only seems natural now for me to enter the Hub Challenge!

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