Friday, January 15, 2010

Brian Bethel and Jon Northwood BEK Accounts

I've managed to run into a copy and paste of Brian Bethel's experience of an encounter with Black Eyed Kids. The post was originally on a newsgroup space online but over the years has been taken down. Technology being what it is, this account has been saved by many people and re-posted online. The link I'm about to post is connected with an internet 'conversation' with a chat group and a Mr. Jon Northwood, so Northwood's account of a very frightening encounter with BEKs immediately follows Bethel's.

Here's the material:

Bethel and Northwood accounts of BEKs

Now this was apparently re-posted by Bethel, as well. I have copied the latter part of the posting from the above page to place here. These accounts appear to have been posted and re-posted by Bethel in an attempt to sort out what might be going on concerning these Black Eyed Children.

Just below is Bethel's explanation for re-posting his account and the Jon Northwood account of BEK experiences. Bethel's words are in bold just to stand out from my own text:

[Jon Northwood has just ended his account with the comment, "I'm freaked out, people."]

"As was I, for obvious reasons.

Okay, now, the commentary:

I've been haunted -- no pun intended -- by this story ever since I decided to share it. Rather than the ridicule I expected, it seems that it touches some sort of strange, primal chord in people.

I've been trying, of course, to move beyond and forget these events, but inevitably something comes along to remind me of it.

Apparently, I've become something of an urban legend. I have people ask me all the time on the Net: "Hey, did you read the ghost story about the guy who saw the black-eyed kids who wanted to get in his car?"

"Yeah, that was me."

"Really? Cool!"

"Not exactly."

And that's something I can't seem to get the point across about. This was not "cool." It was not "just like being in a Stephen King novel!" or any of the inane comments that sometimes go along with it. It was real, though sometimes it made me feel crazy.

And now, I have a report from someone I trust that an extremely similar event has occurred -- and even resulted in the death of someone, at least indirectly.

In a word: Help?

I need thoughts. I need ideas. I need to calm down. ;) But beyond that ... I just want to know what people think about this?

I've protected myself in my own manner. I am not worried about any danger to me. But this is too close to what I experienced to be mere coincidence.

Your thoughts are welcomed.


Copyright©1999-2004 by Brian Bethel"


  1. today i saw a guy with black eyes just like BEKs but he was an adult. do you think they are evil?

  2. no. angels are watching.

  3. how weird. i posted on 1212011120.

  4. Omfg theyre real they live in the woods and come out at night

  5. I have read Brian Bethel for years in AR-N. I have always respected him and his professionalism. Today, for the first time, I read about his encounter with Black Eyed Kids. I had never heard of BEKs before. I have no reason to doubt Mr. Bethel. Just hope I never experience what he did.

  6. I've been looking into this for the majority of the past two days. From what I can tell based on accounts, they are not angles. I do not know what they are as due to the lack of records prior to the 1990's. They follow the traits of several known demons among us demonoligists. As for living in the woods, that is just plain and simply not true. Little is known about this entity. What we do know scares me, what we don't scares me even more. I will continue to investigate this matter and I will update all those whom want it. If you wish to keep up with my research, feel free to email me.

  7. I've been looking into it since my niece seen an episode of monster mystery or something like that on tv. Whatever they may be they have been around way longer than the 1990's for some reason they seem to be in an incline and more documented. The Cherokee Indians have folklore that is still passed down about black eyed babies that would be killed after birth because of their black eyes. They believed that the god Otkon (not sure I spelled that right) slept with their women and sometimes impregnated them with soulless black eyed babies. They believed that because the god could not produce through their women that children that wandered of in the woods alone would have their souls stolen by Otkon and turned into his dominions for when some of these children returned to the village they were said to act outlandish, destructive and seem to have black eyes which seemed soulless. There are Native Indians that are still wary of these creatures and tell tales of black eyed children that would demand to be invited to sit at their ancestors fires. They seem adaptable some more than others trying to fit into the norm of the time is why I think some see them in old fashioned clothing and some in hoodies. Just like any creature some adapt better to their changing environment as time unfolds over the centuries. The only thing they cant hide is their eyes hence the bangs, hoodies and downward heads. The way they talk interests me from what I understand of the encounters I've read they seem sure of themselves, unafraid, commanding, knowing thoughts or mental intent, some say they speak in their heads. So from this I deduce that they know they are different and try to mask this to trick you into inviting them in which I think literally means in, in your mind, in your soul in some cases for your soul. "It won't take that long" strange thing to say. Whatever it maybe that they want from us it is becoming more urgent and they seem to be taking great risks at exposing themselves, if they have been around for centuries and nobody's really noticed or talked a lot about it tell now its gotta make you wonder. Of course there is the fact that some people are doing this on purpose to scare others but from all the encounters I have read about that dark doomsday emotions these people get ( I can sense the fear just reading it) is not something some random prankster is capable of.

  8. Bull Shit. L. Ron Hubbard kinda shit. Someone writes a good story in a semi original manner it goes viral and the next thing you know you have two retarded teens in your home jumping on your couch screaming they love Katy Holmes. Your just making some creative writer/ con man rich off your low IQ.

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