Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hub 8 in the Hub Challenge: The Goatman of Maryland

The Goatman of Maryland is a hominid cryptid creature said to have originated in the Maryland, U.S.A. region.

The Goatman is part man, part goat, but there are different tales available about how the man came to have half man features as well as the body parts of a goat.

Some say The Goatman was into Black Magic and turned himself into a goat. Other stories differ and say a man was part of a strange medical experiment in a remote area of Maryland. This latter experiment went all wrong and a man ended up as a freakish hybrid man-goat who stalks the Maryland area still today. Most accounts tell of a hard-working goat-farming man who was overcome by a natural disaster, science experimentation, government/scientific projects, or black magic. Afterward, it seems the man survived, but not as a whole human being - rather - as a half human, half goat creature.

Some accounts give details about the Goatman's insanity


  1. Wow! What an interesting tale! I'll have to tell my old roommate who now lives in Maryland.

  2. M.M.E. your friend from Maryland might be able to tell you a tale or two about Goatman! Good luck.