Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shadow People: The Old Woman

The old woman, as far as Shadow People go, is sometimes considered harmful. Her presence, for those who have seen, heard or felt her is definitely terrifying. People have reported being awakened in the middle of the night, to feelings of being pulled/forced out of their body.

Unfortunately, the study of this phenomenon is complicated by the fact that usually people who report such incidents are people who also suffer with certain sleep disorders or at least temporary and significant stressors and stress in their lives which are inhibiting proper sleep patterns and behavior.

Often, those who report this old woman/shadow person disturbance are suffering from SP=Sleep Paralysis, which happens when certain people are in highly stressed environments and moods. The condition is such that overly stressed people fall asleep from sheer exhaustion while their minds are still quite active. Some who suffer SP drop off to sleep while sort of in mid-thought with very active mental resources going on and it is as if the body just has to rest but the mind will not.

People suffering with SP may, indeed, awaken - with the mind active in a sort of very active dream state, except their body is trying to be in the sleep state and this causes the effect that a person cannot move. During normal sleep, the body's physiology is quite complex and a normal sleeping person is, indeed, paralyzed. If the body didn't physically and physiologically 'shut gears down' or induce a sort of paralysis, then every action we dreamed about, the body would attempt to do and then sleeping would be impossible for anyone.

Back to the topic of shadow people and the old woman...

Some who have had the above experience(s) report that they see shadows in a rather distinct shape of a woman...

I've still got to read more material specifically on "The Old Woman," because information on this topic keeps leading me to 'sleep deprivation' and 'sleep abnormalities' articles, which aren't telling me much about the cases of SP that might be considered paranormal events rather than physiological effects on the body of overly stressed persons.


  1. I'm not sure about an old woman shadow person, but 2 days ago I did see a woman shadow... I'm 22 years old and I live with my brother who is 14. He is handicapped. He is unable to walk and is mentally challenged. Two days ago, I had my first encounter. I put my brother on the couch with me so we could watch tv. I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back, I saw a shadow stand up and it looked like it was turning to face me. For the first time in my life I was so scared, my eyes watered, I couldn't move and I couldn't speak. It looked like it was going to step to me and I blinked, and it was gone that fast. The only thing I can remember about her is she was skinny, tall, and had long hair... I'm 90% sure it was hair... But I read other comments and they said they saw a jacket or robe... It may have been that but I don't think I could confuse the two... Any comments would be appreciative... Especially if it is a malicious shadow...

    1. Something like that happen to me but instead i was asleep and woken up & in bed and woke up to something crawling from under the bed up and it was a women and she was had long hair but u couldnt see her face and she was just staring at me and I couldn't move and was stuck i could tell it was just staring and then somehow i turn the tv on and then it was gone

  2. I have read many stories of the old hag, but can't find many explaining the young woman. I woke up paralyzed and saw a young woman all in black wearing a hooded cloak and her eyes were blackened, like raccoon eyes when you rub your eye makeup with vaseline, and she just stood in my room and started at me. It felt oppressive and evil, I felt very scared. I knew I was asleep and kept telling myself to wake up, but felt like she had full control over me.

  3. Well I have also read story's about the shadow old lady and thought they were made up, until it actually happened to me. I was sleeping one night and I woke up and at the bottom of my bed was an old woman. She just stared at me. I was so scared.. it felt demonic/ evil.. I could still move though and backed up against my head board of the bed. Then out of no where this shadow thing lifted of the floor and it looked like a weapon. I was so scared to turn the light on or even move so I begged for my life and huddled in a ball and passed out from fear. The next morning I wondered if it was a dream or not.. it felt to real to be one.. (also seen the snake looking things on my ceiling) Had my room prayed for and haven't seem them since.. (Knock On Wood) Btw The woman looked like the woman off of Insidious the movie.. but scarier!!!!

  4. Shadow of a grim reaper hovering over you w/ another shadow image following behind it. In the looks of a Ghost Demon

  5. I haven't never see she but i think at ther's really something paranormal.

  6. When I was 3 months old my mum left me outside the shop in my pram asleep she heard me screaming and ran outside and found me with scratches bleeding under my eyes and a woman all dressed in black walking off

  7. Yes I have seen it,it was late at night I saw a woman who was standing there ready to hurt someone then I saw a man doing the same thing just standing there almost wanting something